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SSD AC Speed Controller 10G-45-0440-BN
SSD AC Speed Controller 10G-45-0440-BN SSD AC Speed Controller 10G-45-0440-BN SSD AC Speed Controller 10G-45-0440-BN SSD AC Speed Controller 10G-45-0440-BN SSD AC Speed Controller 10G-45-0440-BN

SSD AC Speed Controller 10G-45-0440-BN

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The AC10 drive is a simple, small, and reliable variable speed drive and offers a low cost, compact solution for simple AC induction or PMAC motor control in applications up to 250 HP

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The AC10 variable speed drive (VFD) is a simple, reliable and economical solution to every-day motor control applications requiring speed or torque control within the power range of 0.25 HP to 250 HP. Having compact dimensions and features normally only associated with higher specification drives, including, sensorless vector mode, output frequency up to 590 Hz, 3 phase 480 VAC supplies in all frame sizes and a full 150 % overload at 0.5 Hz for 1 minute, AC10 provides an optimized solution for OEM machine builders looking for a compact, cost-effective, UL listed drive without compromising on performance.



Performance Characteristics

Brake Switch Option: Yes
EMC Filter Included: Yes
Output HP Rating (Normal Duty): 0.75
IP Rating: IP20
Input Voltage: 1*230VAC


• Markets
• Industrial Markets
• Pulp and Paper
• Food Processing
• Packaging
• Printing
• Test Stands

- Simplicity : AC10 is designed to reduce the time and effort required to install, setup and commission through its easy to use integrated keypad. Minimal wiring requirements and two easily accessed terminal rails make AC10 fast and simple to install, having you up and running in no time at all. Auto-tuning sensorless vector mode takes AC10 beyond simple V/Hz control allowing users requiring greater dynamic speed or torque control for their application to benefit from the drives enhanced 0.5% speed and 5% torque accuracy.

- Reliability : Proven technology and manufacturing techniques ensure AC10 has been engineered and built to deliver consistently outstanding levels of performance day in, day out ensuring maximum uptime and productivity. Thanks to its conformally coated PCBs, AC10 is able to withstand even the most arduous class 3C3 environment which many other drives in this class would struggle with, allowing you to operate AC10 with the utmost confidence in more applications

- Control At Your Fingertips : AC10 comes complete with an ergonomic operator keypad as standard featuring 4 LED drive status indicators, a 4 digit 7 segment LED display and a tactile membrane style keypad. In addition to displaying status and running information, the LED display is also used to access drive configuration parameters which can be quickly and easily changed via the keypad. The keypad can also be used to take local control of the motor to start, stop, increase or decrease motor speed. An optional keypad is also available and can be mounted remotely from the drive.

- IP20 (0.25 - 250 HP) or IP66/NEMA 4X indoor (0.5 - 30 HP) : The IP66 enclosure enables use in applications where environmental conditions may be a concern, such as wash-down areas in food and beverage facilities and use in wastewater plants.

AC10 provides a simple approach to general purpose industrial motor control applications across a wide range of industries, giving users the benefits of the inherent energy-saving properties of using a variable speed drive, as well as the improved reliability and extended service life benefits associated with smoother starting and stopping of regularly cycling loads. Typical applications for AC10 include :
• Conveyors
• Pumps
• Fans
• Mixers
• Packaging Machines
• Textile Machines
• Strapping Machines
• Labelling Machines
• Industrial Washing Machines
• Machine Tool Spindles
• Roller Doors


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